Club Communications

On this page we will post all communications sent in order to have a track record of the information shared with our members from May 28, 2021 to present. All useful links and resources to be shared for the upcoming season:

Message: For Families and Coaches of SDU – Technical Message 

(SENT May 28, 9am) Russ

Good morning Parents, Players and Coaches!

The following message from the South Delta United Soccer Club is to inform you that during this transition phase of structure and operations, plans are being developed to improve upon programming and staffing to ensure a safe learning environment for all the players and all the coaches is maintained. We will collectively grow into the future. 

With the recent positive news of contact in training/practices and the return to games to resume in youth sports shortly we encourage all teams to continue to take the necessary precautions to oversee practice and maintain a safe and enjoyable environment. The players will be excited to literally just play and we encourage that within the established guidelines. 

BC Soccer Association communication included here: BCSA Press release ‘Restart plan’

Club President Kathrina Oxciano has stated that, “We are excited to see our club continue to grow with our community. We are focused on building positive momentum with the transition phase and the value it brings to our players, parents and coaches. The board is proud of the new changes to the structure and confident that we have the right people and plan in place to be successful.”

With this transition, General Manager Mark Rogers was quoted as saying, “We at SDU are excited to have Stuart Neely back with us in the capacity of Technical Director. Stuart comes with a vast amount of experience that our soccer community will benefit from. Also, it is fantastic to have Mike take the step into the role of Assistant Technical Director. Mike is a fixture in our local soccer community. He brings great enthusiasm and experience to SDU. We are very excited by the new initiatives that we are going to see going forward!”

With new program branding on the way, newly appointed Technical Director Stuart Neely is excited about what a community can accomplish. “There is no doubt that our community has great ideas as well as people, who have a strong commitment to the club. It is on all of us to ensure that the programs we offer and the information provided creates a safe and positive learning environment for everyone, especially the kids! This needs to be epic.” A technical framework will be established that will provide all families, coaches and players the necessary information on what to expect based on the program(s) they are involved in.

Long-time serving club member of the technical staff Mike Frank, has been promoted to Assistant Technical Director and had this to say about the upcoming soccer season. 

“I am very excited to help keep this amazing community and club going in the right direction. Working on doing our best to make sure every child has a fun, exciting and safe environment to play soccer.”

More exciting developments on Fall-Winter registration opening soon via Playmetrics, Select and House team roster plans, rebranding and club structure will be coming early in the month of June. 

*For the most current updates please visit the SDU website and follow us on social media.

Yours in soccer,

South Delta United


Message: For ALL Families and Coaches of SDU – Program Message for Fall-Winter 2021-22 Season. 

*Spring Academy, Grassroots and Summer camp emailed in addition.

Sent (June 2, 12pm Russ)

Parents, Players and Coaches!

The excitement around the fields this past week with all youth sports back in action has created a great atmosphere for everyone age 5-55! We hope you’re enjoying a good spring of activities.

You are receiving this email to share that we have NOW officially opened the registration for Fall and Winter soccer season with South Delta United via our new system Playmetrics

CLICK HERE for the Welcome back video message from our SDU Head of Operations

Although we recommend registering as soon as possible, we recognize that NOT all players are prepared or able to register immediately due to several factors including scheduling of other fall sports and other commitments. We are planning our practice and game schedule now and will have it posted to the website and social media pages ASAP. 

There are 3 specific Registration streams for next season:

2017-2013 Born Players CLICK HERE to Register for the Team Season

2012-2004 HOUSE/RECREATIONAL Players CLICK HERE to Register for the Team Season 

2012-2004 SELECT Players CLICK HERE to Register for the Season 

*Only for players that have received an invitation to register at this time 

*For players that have been contacted recently about additional opportunities being hosted this month to support player observations; please register for either House or Selects programs once the roster is finalized in mid July.

*For anyone NOT prepared or are unsure of the Fall season registration stream for your child:  CLICK HERE to declare your interest in registering and be included in our Communications group. This is the first step in creating your family account in order to receive updates via email. 

*For the most current updates and highlights of the SDU rebranding, developments to club structure and Technical Development please visit our SDU website and follow us on social media.

We will collectively grow into the future!

South Delta United

Our Club. Our Community.


Message: Selects team rosters now posted to the website

SENT June 4  11pm by Russ


This will be our final communication via the old registration system

Please create an account with Playmetrics by either registering for a program such as the SDU Summer camp or Team play next season via the links at the bottom of this email.

*Should you NOT be prepared to register at this time please create an FREE account via this link COMMUNICATIONS ONLY.

*For the most current updates and highlights of the SDU rebranding, developments to club structure and Technical Development please visit our SDU website and follow us on social media.

Select rosters and player observations

South Delta United players’ best interests are paramount when identifying the best suitable environment for their development. PLAYER OBSERVATIONS are a season-long process of open communication involving the Technical Staff Coaches. Along with the SDU Technical Team involvement we review and appreciate the valuable feedback and observations of ALL our volunteer coaches at a given age group and gender. The volunteer coaches have submitted multiple team observation sheets this season and the results of forming the teams for the following season are NOT based on their individual observations but rather the observations of all parties through discussions at scheduled player development meetings. For more info visit the SDU website.

We must keep in mind that soccer is a lifelong athletic pursuit as all players move along the development pathway at different rates. The demands of the game change with increases in field size and roster sizes and as a result it is vital that we stay focused on developing all individuals within an entire age group over a single team

*The identification process has covered the player’s technical, tactical, physical and psychological abilities of players.

With the above in mind we have identified players for the ‘Prospects’ (U8-10) and ‘Selects’ (U11-18) 2021-22 programs. Click the link below to view the rosters.

Boys Rosters page 

Girls Rosters page 

Important notes:

  • All ‘Selects’ players to register within 48 hours of website posting and email. Monday, June 7.

*Monday morning I will send a list of players to coaches to check their roster.

*If you are unable to register at this time please inform your coach and manager.

  • There are still several rosters ‘To Be Determined’ due to further observations required. 
  • Decisions on ‘TBD’ rosters will be made by the end of July and posted to the website.
  • Along with this pool of players we have highlighted a group of players who, based on suitability MAY be considered for training in the Prospects and Selects environment and/or called up for games to allow for fluid player movement throughout next season.

It is for that reason that we encourage ALL players to seek out additional opportunities such as the SDU Fall/Winter Academies, which provide an inclusive environment and allow for players to train in different groups outside of their regular team.  

*Expectations for U8-9 ‘Prospects’ players: Monday ACADEMY  

-1 team practice/week of 75 minutes in South Delta with games in Cloverdale, Surrey & North Delta.

*Expectations for U10-18 ‘Select’ players: Monday ACADEMY for U10-12 Div.1 level

-2 team practices/week of 90 minutes in duration, one in Ladner and one in Tsawwassen with games played in the South Fraser District.

The SDU Academy is open to ALL players from U5-13 boys and girls. Registration will be open soon.

There are 3 specific Registration streams open for team play next season:

2017-2013 Born Players CLICK HERE to Register for the Season

2012-2004 HOUSE/RECREATIONAL Players CLICK HERE to Register for the Season 

2012-2004 SELECT Players CLICK HERE to Register for the Season 

*Please note that SELECTS is only for players that have been posted to the website.